Monday, February 8, 2010

Spin a yarn in Cochin....

The Rotary International in Cochin had a conference on "World Peace for youth" February 5 - 7th 2010. V.R.Devika was asked to speak on "Gandhi's Ahimsa and pluralism". She was asked by Shyamala Surendran, managing trustee of Sarvodaya International, kerala chapter to do an outreach of Aseema's "Spin a yarn .." project by giving a presentation on Gandhi and ahimsa and a demonstration of spinning on the Charkha to two schools also. The response from the students of class 9 and 11 of Bhavan's Elamakkara and of classes 5 and 6 of Vidyodaya were tremendous as well as the two hundred and odd students of various colleges in Cochin who had registered for the conference judging by the number of students who came up to Devika to discuss during the lunch break.

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